Cooperation company: xingtai jinglong new energy co., LTD


Project name: cloth bag dust collector

The function of bag dust collector system: dust is formed in the production process, and can be suspended in the air for a long time in the solid particles, and great harm to the human body, so the dust collector came into being, and this is my company's main product.

Xingtai jinglong new energy co., ltd. was established on September 30, 2017. It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of monocrystalline silicon rods, monocrystalline silicon wafers, polycrystalline silicon ingots, polycrystalline silicon wafers and other components. Import and export business of self-produced products, polysilicon raw materials, production and testing equipment, instruments, instruments and devices; The development, investment and construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation and solar photovoltaic power stations, etc.

Our company signs the contract with the company on December 30, 2018, and the contract will be delivered within 60 days after the contract takes effect.