Co-operative Company: Xuzhou Rongjing Material Trade Co., Ltd.


Project name: iron water tank with vehicle capping device

In order to solve the heat loss and safety problems in the transfer process of hot metal trucks, our company has put forward the whole process of hot metal storage and transportation covered insulation technology, which is mainly used in the whole process of hot metal transfer of blast furnace, energy saving and rainproof, etc., especially for the heat preservation effect of empty hot metal ladle is better.

Introduction: xuzhou 镔 supplies trade co., LTD., founded in 2017 on August 24, mainly engaged in iron ore, iron ore, iron ore, pellets, pig iron, nodular cast iron, chute iron, automobile and accessories, agricultural vehicles, mechanical equipment and accessories, building materials, chemical products, chemical raw materials (except dangerous goods), electronic products (except medical equipment), rubber products, and other products sales.

Our company and the company signed the contract on December 18, 2018, and delivered the goods within 45 working days.