Ladle cover manufacturer's introduction to ladle cover


Today the ladle cover manufacturers to introduce the ladle cover. In the process of steelmaking, the ladle serves as the receiver and carrier of molten steel exercised by a converter or electric furnace. Under normal conditions, used for linking the fabrics of steel ladle refractory material temperature at 1100 ℃ or so commonly, but was much lower than the fabrics of molten steel temperature. After the molten steel is injected into the ladle and the furnace lining is touched, the temperature of the ladle refractory material will be greatly reduced.


Therefore, in order to avoid the solidification of molten steel in the ladle, the temperature of molten steel will be artificially increased during the steelmaking process. Molten steel temperature is 1650 ℃, and even higher than the molten steel pouring temperature 1700 ℃. The temperature of molten steel is closely related to the quality of steel. Higher steel temperature means higher oxygen content in steel. The ladle cover manufacturer found that in the process of tapping deoxidation and alloying, the alloy yield decreased and the inclusion in the steel increased greatly. Therefore, how to decrease tapping temperature is one of the key problems in steelmaking. The reason for improving the steel temperature is that the furnace lining temperature is too low. In other words, how to decrease the steel temperature is how to improve the ladle lining temperature.

The ladle cover manufacturer found the lining temperature close to the temperature of the molten steel. Ladle lining temperature is generally above 1500. In the ladle rotation process, if the ladle insulation, it can be useful to ensure that the ladle lining temperature. Ladle sealing skills came into being. Ladle in the delivery of molten steel, pouring and waiting for the steel process, through the insulation of the ladle lining, can be used to reduce the temperature of the steel. Therefore, the equipment has been widely used. However, it is difficult to use this kind of efficient equipment in steelmaking plants with less slag, because the key to less slag is to use the molten steel returned from the top slag of ladle to be refined as the primary slag of the slag. Therefore, it can save part of the energy consumption of refining heating, and can not be slag pouring operation after all the ladles are covered. Therefore, the key to deal with this problem is to develop a ladle cover for slag operation.

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