Characteristics of semi-dry desulfurization system


The flue gas from the boiler air preheater enters the desulfurization tower through the air distribution device from the lower part of the semi-dry desulfurization system tower, and then the flue gas is accelerated into the circulating fluidized bed through the venturi pipe at the bottom of the desulfurization tower, and the material is fluidized in the circulation. Due to the action and complete contact of the airflow, the gassolid two phases produce strong turbulence and mixing. In the rising process, the agglomerates are continuously formed for downward return, and the agglomerates are continuously decomposed under intense agitation. It is lifted up again by the airflow, making the slip between the gas and the solid up to several tens of times faster than that of a single particle, so the Ca/S in the bed is 87 or more. By spraying the atomized water adjust the temperature of flue gas in the process of reaction to about 70 ℃, and qualified through the jet pump acceptable fineness of absorber (Ca (OH) 2) pneumatic conveying to the absorption tower, and the smoke in the tower. The gas undergoes a desulfurization chemical reaction, after which a large amount of the gassolid mixture is absorbed out of the top of the tower. Therefore, the circulating gas-solid two-phase flow mechanism in the fluidized bed greatly improves the mass and heat transfer of gas-solid two-phase, and provides a fundamental guarantee for achieving high desulfurization rate.


The purified dusty gas is discharged laterally from the top of the semi-dry desulfurization system, then to the high efficiency dust collector, and then to the chimney through the boiler fan. The solid particles collected by the precipitator are returned to the desulfurization tower through the circulation system under the precipitator to continue the reaction. The desulfurization technology of semi-dry desulfurization system is to purify the flue gas by circulating fluidized bed technology at the end of the boiler, remove most of the acid gas in the flue gas, and make the harmful component flue gas meet the emission requirements. The desulfurization technology of the semi-dry desulfurization system has the following characteristics: 1. A unique venturi tube is added to the throat of the absorption tower to make the flow field inside the tower more uniform. 2. The upper and lower nozzles are arranged in the absorber with atomized particles up to 50 m or less. Accurate ash water ratio ensures good humidification and activation effect. The temperature. Achieve higher desulfurization efficiency and longer filter media life. 3, the control system is more complete than the second generation, the operation is more simple, more simple. 4. Use mature domestic raw materials and equipment to reduce costs and save investment.

5. Small footprint, low investment, low operation cost, no secondary pollution. 6, very suitable for small and medium-sized boiler desulfurization transformation. The above is about the characteristics of the semi-dry desulfurization system. In brief, it is provided by jiangsu Eurasia environmental protection technology co., LTD. The company is committed to the research and development of environmental protection technology, environmental protection equipment manufacturing, environmental protection project construction of high-tech enterprises. For many customers to provide environmental protection engineering investment, technical research, consulting, design, equipment supply, general contracting construction, operation management and other services. If you need to buy products, welcome to inquire. Company website: